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by Peter Sinn Nachtrieb

"The Live Five/Fire in the Hole production is particularly well cast. It’s hard to imagine anyone more perfect than Mori, for instance, who adopts a wide-eyed, brittle and super-serious look. She doesn’t even speak for the play’s first 25 minutes."

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SATAwards 2018

Outstanding Emerging Artist

Outstanding Supporting Performance in boom

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"Nadia Mori and ‘Eben Doherty are excellent in their roles as landlady Fraulein Schneider and shopkeeper Herr Schultz. Their storyline is the play’s secondary romance, but no less compelling. Though it is simply staged, one of the best musical numbers in the show is It Couldn’t Please Me More (A Pineapple), where the couple falls more in love while singing an ode to the tropical fruit."


Sextet II by Write in the Kisser Productions

"A cast of four does it all. Nadia Mori shows her comic instincts and versatility, Nathan Coppens gets to do a convincing and humorous drugged-out bit."

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The Illusion

by Pierre Corneille adapted by Tony Kushner

Nadia Mori has a wonderful voice. She has a clear and pleasing voice. She’s also the only person I know who can pronounce my great-great aunt’s last name correctly: Obrzyczkiewicz.
— Stacy Bender, author of Ursa Kane
Nadia Mori brings something special to Sound Lounge projects. When she arrives, her attitude, her preparation, and her voice are ready. She takes direction well, and when we want to explore some new directions and deliveries, she listens and responds like a true professional.
— tBone, Sound Lounge